my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this plant.
snake plant
{because as james would say, i'm straight-up copying these guys. flattery}.

2. this light.
{because it's there}.

3. this new striped laundry bag.
laundry bag
{because finally we're not using oversized safety pins to keep our underwear from peppering the sidewalk}.

4. this iphone case.
iphone case
{because i don't know how much more bloggerly i could be, but it's my second iphone case ever and a vast improvement}.

5. these worn-in clogs.
{because nothing beats worn-in clogs, especially in a week when you can wear them without socks}.

other things:
new york finally improved its recycling!
this made me very sad. but it's worth the read.
i grew up listening to this man. thanks, parents and richie.
i'm very excited to be a part of this book project.

other things by me:
make your own glass cleaner.
what does it mean to "be green."
garden clogs.
grocery store ranuncs.

PS. Thanks so much for everyone who entered the Nahla giveaway. A little reminder that the discount code is good through May 7 and 100% of proceeds from internet orders will benefit One Fund Boston, now through April 30.

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