cherry blossoms.

yesterday was gloomy, gloomy here in new york and i was holed up all day finishing a project. when i finally finished my work, i decided i needed to turn away from the computer and recreate a little bit of one of my favorite springtime pleasures: cherry blossoms.

these guys could not have been simpler to make. i had saved a bit of pink tissue from a gift i received, and i cut it up into like-sized strips. i folded stacks of three or four sheets accordion-style and tied each bundle with string around the middle. next, i folded each accordion in half and then spread the accordion out from the center into a circle. after that, all that's left to do is to wrestle each individual sheet outward from the center, just like a flower.

et voila. cherry blossoms inside on a rainy day. and if i do say so myself, think they look mighty like these real ones i snapped last week.
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