< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.



{warning: this post is not glamorous. for flowers, see here}.

okay. you might be curious about why this would help you survive in a tiny apartment, but trust me.

our apartment has room for one, tiny garbage can. i'm fairly certain that some people own garbage cans bigger than our entire apartment, but that's neither here nor there. our {tiny} trash receptacle is shoved into a cabinet and emptying it involves pulling the can out of the depths of the cabinet and wrestling the dustpan, brushes, and laundry detergent we've also stashed away. the process is always good for a curse or two. if we throw our egg shells and onion peels into that tiny thing, after just a few hours the process is near to unbearable. ripe is a nice word for the odor that wafts out. 

i know compost is often equated with country-dwelling, earthy-types, but city slickers can join the fun, too! we fill a bag in our freezer with carrot greens and strawberry hulls and, yes, even our tea leaves. freezing the scraps mean they don't smell, and from someone scarred by compost memories involving her grandmother and a certain mustard yellow tupperware container kept on the counter, the freezer is where it's at.

nyc greenmarkets have an awesome compost service.* we bring our frozen bag down to them each week, pop a dollar or two in their donation jar and go on our merry way. and that garbage can? let's just say it stays put for much longer. peace for everyone.

what about you guys? do you compost?

*enlightened cities, like san francisco, actually require the practice. imagine that.
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