going on a picnic: kaufmann mercantile


when it comes to filling a shop with sustainable and beautiful products, kaufmann mercantile gets it right. everything they sell is not only delightful to behold, but crafted with an eye toward durability and usefulness. it's no secret that choices we make about the stuff that we buy can be tremendously powerful ones. while i admit that decisions about the energy companies we support and whether we drive fuel efficient cars might have more environmental impact, there's no reason why even small purchases shouldn't also be made thoughtfully.

here, i pulled together a few of my favorite items for going on a picnic. it's earth day on sunday and i can't think of a better way to celebrate the planet than by enjoying a meal under the great blue sky. 

kaufmann mercantile will be doing their own celebrating by donating 10% of their sales on sunday to support the farm going up on their own rooftop in brooklyn. sounds like the time is right to snag that canvas utensil roll you've been eyeing and head out for a feast.

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