people's pops.

people's pops. they're not mind blowing. they're juice, frozen. and that's the beauty of them. don't expect to blown away, expect to be utterly satisfied.  slurp on your very own raspberry basil pop knowing that you're enjoying a treat chock-full of fruit that's been locally grown and responsibly sourced. this weekend at smorgasburg, i sampled one. pure delight.

people's pops have a book coming out in june which will be filled with recipes for making the pops in your own place. you can pre-order it here. in the meantime, if you're local, find them hawking their wares at markets and parks around the city. an afternoon trip along the high line, pop-in-hand, sounds mighty nice to me.

what about you? what's your favorite popsicle flavor?

other things:
i like this mold for making classic pops at home.
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