< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.


skip the bathmat.

i realize i might not get all of you on board with this one. but i think it's genius and i'm hoping to sway you. as you may have seen on the floorplan of our apartment, our bathroom is just 4 feet 10 inches deep. this does not account for the two strange corners that jut into the space and were too annoying to draw. suffice to say, like everything else around here, the room is tiny.

it's even too small to fit a standard bathmat. yes. browse the bathmat selections at most of your favorite shops and you'll find bathmats that are 34 inches long, which is about 3 inches longer than the space between the bathtub and the door frame. no, i could not abide by having a bathmat that slinked its way red carpet-style over the door jam. besides, if we ever actually closed the bathroom door around here, that would just be an added annoyance. 

so, as with most things, we compromised. we use a hand towel instead. spread out, the thing is actually quite handsomely sized but still small enough to fit in the allotted space. and if i wring out my rapunzel locks in the shower before stepping out, it does a perfectly good job of sopping up the water from my squeaky clean feet. added bonuses: it dries super quickly and so doesn't get all stinky and gross. admit it. that happens to you, too. plus it weighs in at about 3 ounces, so adding it to the laundry pile doesn't break the bank. win, win, win.

i'll admit, it's not quite the same as stepping out onto this jazzy number. nor does it make you feel like you're at a spa, the way this surely would. but it works for us and that's all that matters.

confession: this little guy from brookfarm general store is actually the perfect, modestly sized mat. if we had that beauty we'd have to fend off the crowds trying to get in on our tiny apartment spa action. but we're pinching pennies like crazy over here, so that'll have to wait awhile.

ps. if you haven't already, please vote and help us spread the word. our little apartment is lagging behind the other behemoths. xo.
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