my window box.

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window box, james close-up
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window box
window box in situ
window box, side view
our tiny apartment is tucked into the back corner of our building. this is lovely for lots of reasons, most of which involve spying on our neighbors. we overhear them merrily cavorting on their expansive balconies, the smells of their barbecues waft graciously into our tiny abode and sometimes the clinks of their glasses almost have us believing that we too are sipping on glasses of chilled rosé under the stars. almost.

the downside? this little corner is pretty dark most of the day. we only have an hour or two of real sunshine in the late afternoon. eager to bring a little brightness into our dim spot, we set out this weekend to plant a window box of our own. no reason that only the apartments that are street-side should have all of the fun!

we bicycled around town popping into neighborhood plant sales and garden shops, gathering plants that would thrive in our shady corner. we chose forget-me-nots, dusty miller, and vinca. i'm already practicing my plant whispering, hopeful that the vinca will works its way down the side of our building and become the envy of our well-heeled neighbors. but showstopper or no, we're pleased as punch with our tiny garden and we're especially grateful that the little guy survived a late-night
bicycle ride home

window box, from below
window box, from inside
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