make-believe: a morning walk

lately i've been accompanying james on morning walks to the subway. he usually leaves our house around 8:15. if things are going as planned by that time i've published my morning post and my eyes have just started to bug after an hour of staring at the computer screen in the semi-darkness of our apartment. a walk outside at this point does a world of good. i'm usually not showered and properly dressed at this point, but i like to slip on easy shoes, some old jeans, and a baggy sweatshirt and to bring along just what i need: an over sized wallet for my phone & keys and a mug of something warm and caffeinated. a phone-sized lens would mean i could capture the early morning bustle with my phone and a pretzel croissant would send me right over the moon. alas, this is only make-believe.

1. sweatshirt 2. key chain 3. wallet* 4. tumbler 5. gold flats 6. wide-angle phone lens 7. pretzel croissant

*shelter is a reading my tea leaves sponsor, but this is not a sponsored post.
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