make-believe: new york city tourist.

this week james and i have gotten the chance to hang out with some of our very favorite new york tourists. la famille guyot, with whom i lived for almost a year in france when i was 22 came to celebrate our wedding and they've been living it up in the city that never sleeps ever since. yesterday we met them for a raucous game of bowling to escape the rain and this make-believe is a little tribute to them: a pretty umbrella for running between drops, a trusty backpack, a sweatshirt to temper blasts of air conditioning, a metro card for exploring comme il faut, waterproof sandals for quick-drying and washing off sludge, a compass necklace for orienteering, and an admittedly out of date, but terribly good looking guide to the city.

1. shiny umbrella 2. backpack 3. sweatshirt 4. metrocard 5. waterproof sandals 6. compass necklace 7. guide book

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