< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment

organize your closet.

now, this post is a little bit tricky. wooden hangers are, admittedly, not the most space-saving of closet storage options. there's no denying that they're wide and bulky, regardless of their dashing good looks.

these huggable hangers would probably do the trick much better. and even more revolutionary, these guys come with a hook that allows hangers to hang one from the next. neat-o. i'm a little jealous of these super slim options, but i'm also not one to ditch something that's perfectly good just because something better came along.

i get a lot of queries about our apartment's closets. there are two: one tucked under the stairs harry potter-style, and another in our building's hallway, with a padlock. that's glamour right there, ladies and gents. we mostly keep winter coats and fancy dresses and things in the hallway closet, though i'll admit i crunched my wedding dress in the under-the-stairs-closet for the weeks leading up to the wedding. you never know what kind of wedding dress thieves might have been ready to pick that lock!

in both spaces, we try to keep things neat and organized. even, and perhaps, especially, when you have limited closet space, it's important that you fight the temptation to just cram things in willy nilly. it's not always easy. i admit to having had more than a few outbursts of frustration while wrestling clothes back in the closet. but, if we remember to put things back more or less in the same spot, it's easier to manage. and of course, we've divided the space down the middle. just don't think for a minute that james doesn't try to sneak his haberdashery onto my side.
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