< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

sometimes, too much is okay, too.

since our recent nuptials (thank you for all of your v. sweet notes) we have become the proud owners of a near-to-complete set of beautiful, made in the usa, absolutely delightful in every single way, dishes. they aren't fancy, but in our eyes they're perfect. we cannot wait to use them for sunday brunches and thanksgiving dinners and celebratory lunch-e-ones, and all those sorts of things that dishes in sets of ten are useful for. for now though, we've been using them mostly in pairs. two bowls, two plates, maybe an extra here or there for side dishes or salads. one night last week my sister came for dinner. we were three and for the hell of it, i'm pretty sure we used about four dishes, each.

here's the thing: i know that it doesn't make practical sense to cram a dinner service for ten into 240 square feet. but if you recall my love-hate relationship with our cabinets, you know that we have kitchen storage in abundance and with the moving around of a few jars of lentils, we managed to find a place for everything. we made sure to keep just a few dishes in places that are easily reachable and to stash the rest in more difficult-to-access corners. they were empty anyway, so i'm chalking this all up to using every available inch. don't worry, we've not taken to storing dishes in the shower.

ps. on the morning before the wedding i did a little radio piece. you can listen here, if you'd like. forgive my rambling.
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