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make the bed.

i get a lot of questions about how two of us survive life in our luxurious loft. since we're busy getting married this week, i thought a tip about our bedroom would be fitting. i don't want to get too hot and heavy on you, but it's only fitting to discuss the (pre)marital bed on such a week.

after yahoo shine's decorating guide recently published a story on our tiny apartment, the emails (and the ridiculous number of comments)  that we (and the article) received told us two things: 1) america is very concerned about our sex life 2) jokes about flatulence are still all the rage. seriously, read them and weep.*

let it suffice to say that a somewhat lower-than-usual ceiling does not impair our sex life. point final.

now that that's out of the way, let me also suggest that no matter the size of your sleeping quarters, making the bed is an essential part of (pre)marital bliss.

sorry, this isn't a sexy post after all. but bear with.

for me, making a bed is not so much about how it makes the apartment look throughout the day (though that's nice too), but it has everything to do with climbing into a made bed at night. unfolding the top sheet and shimmying into bed is like unwrapping a present, and loving what you find so much you want to climb right in. for me, it's the most delicious and peaceful moment of the day and it marks a clear transition from needing to be awake and thinking to getting to be asleep and dreamy. i like clear transitions.

plus, there are bonus points for those of the cohabiting persuasion: being the one to make the bed can earn you all kinds of do-sweet-little-somethings-for-each-other points. almost as many as climbing out of bed first to make tea. almost.

what about you guys? are you bed-makers?

*for the record: we love burritos and each other.

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