< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

revisit what you've stowed away.

tiny apartment dwellers know better than anyone the importance of stowing things neatly away. we've covered this a lot here. but before we get too devoted to packing things up, here's a simple reminder to take things back out again. 

this basket is the proof. it lives in the dark recesses of our under-the-stairs closet. until two days ago it was filled with exactly two things: a) a zipped madras bag full of congealed nail polishes and disintegrating emory boards b) a zipped velour bag full of hair elastics and barrettes. 

shameful. i know. why post-1999 i still own a velour bag filled with anything, i'm not sure. 

but herein lies the problem with tight storage: you get so gung-ho about making things fit into tiny spaces that sometimes once you get them there, you forget what exactly lies in that dark recess. once upon a time, i'm sure i had in my mind that this box would be used to house toilet paper rolls. then one day, i decided to move the file box that now sits under it, on top of it. this was surely the last time i opened the basket until this past weekend when i stood mouth agape at my utterly inappropriate use of space. but i rallyed. toilet paper has been moved from its inglorious home on the closet floor, file box has been once again relegated to bottom rung. towels are still folded on top, because with 12 rolls of toilet paper, that basket is full. and even though life in a tiny apartment usually means going without the supersize-me style toilet paper packs, needing to rush out every two days for emergency rolls is no one's idea of fun.

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