appalachian trail station.

railsThere is a railroad station on the Harlem line of the Metro North Railroad that drops you smack dab in the middle of the Appalachian Trail. Along the 2,175 mile long trail, there is only this one station. It's tiny, just a fourteen-foot wooden platform painted bright yellow along the side of an otherwise undeveloped stretch of track. The train only stops there on Saturdays and Sundays and even then, it's wise to remind the conductor that you're headed that way.

We took the trip on Sunday and spent the day breathing in so much country air that I'm frankly not sure we knew what hit us. James took lots of photographs of creatures blending into their natural environs. I took lots of photographs of mushrooms popping out of theirs. We ate egg salad sandwiches with roasted tomatoes that Curt made and homemade cookies that Cait made and together we picked our way through a sack full of trail mix to get to the chocolate bits. 
// 65.9 miles from Grand Central Terminal
// 1 hour 52 minute train ride from the same place (perfect for munching on bagels and catching up on Sunday Styles)
// $28.00 round trip ticket
// Snakes and frogs and ferns and mushrooms if you're into those sorts of thing.
// Pretty views of farmland and hills and wetlands if you prefer.
// Fresh air aplenty.
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