< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

keep your surfaces clear. mostly.

now i should start off by saying that i know this one is a real matter of preference. and i'm not advocating the wholesale removal of every bit of sentimental or meaningful artifact in your house. i studied museums in graduate school. i worship my great grandfather's doctor's bag like it's going out of style. i like stuff. especially old stuff. a lot.

but still.

in a tiny apartment and in homes in general, i like to be able to breathe easy. some people live beautiful lives in extremely compelling houses that  are stuffed to the gills. i like to look at these spaces, but i don't think i could live in them. to each her own.

for me, keeping surfaces clear is mostly a practical measure. the different surfaces in our aparment have to do double and triple duty and weighing them down with too many miscellaneous things means trouble when the kitchen table needs to double as a desk, or, say, an ironing board.

most days, i move my computer from its usual haunt on the dresser to the kitchen table so that i can pull up my chair and actually get some work done. it's nice to have the flexibility. at the end of the day, the computer goes back to the dresser and the table becomes the prep area for dinner. one of us cooks, the other cleans, and by the time the meal is finished the table's clear once again and we're eating dinner at it.

ps. tell me, did you all read this? what did you think? i understand what she's saying. mostly i do. but there is this to know: cleaning out my grandmother's basement at the age of 12 has left a lifelong impression. too much stuff can be a burden and the experience of unpacking 40 years worth of souvenirs is not one i'd want to revisit on any progeny of mine. or on perfect strangers for that matter. everything in balance.

pps. i'm also contemplating shelves. for stuff. so there's that.
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