life in *your* tiny apartment.

Last week, I received this note:


I live in a pretty small apartment with my husband and I find that one of our main problems in properly storing our shoes. We each have quite a lot and they end up sitting around our (tiny) closet door. That plus the presence of our laundry bin just makes our room look...bad. I'd love to hear how you store shoes and such! 

Thank you,

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I think I failed you guys the last time I talked about shoes. In my defense, the tip was really more about storage than shoes, but did I think I was single or something? James must have been out of the house and wearing all of his shoes at once when I took that shot. The above shot shows our shoes, currently. They're crammed into a wooden crate that we keep just inside the door to our apartment. It gets a little messy and sometimes I worry that James's shoes are smushing my clogs, but mostly it keeps things corralled and that's what we're really after anyway. For what it's worth, we keep our "fancy" shoes hanging in our hall closet in something similar to this that we found at our neighborhood hardware store. My cowgirl boots also live in the hall closet, until it's cool enough to wear them, and then we pretend like they're d├ęcor and let them sit pretty in a corner.

The advice is simple, but threefold:

1. Get a bin or a box to keep the shoes you wear most often.
2. Make sure it's pleasant to look at.
3. Get disciplined about putting your shoes in it.

As for the laundry...stay tuned.

It all boils down to habit, friends. If you want organized shoes, make a habit of putting them away. Eventually, it becomes second nature.
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Do you have a tiny apartment quandary? Send me a note, along with pictures if you'd like, and we'll see if we can't tackle it together.
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