< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment

two tips for one:

1. ask and ye shall receive.

2. never look a gift horse in the mouth. or try not to.

neither tip is particularly easy to do. but once done, i feel better.

first, let's revisit the initial disaster. lo these many months ago, our well-intentioned super replaced our nonfunctional, but otherwise innocuous, white ceiling fan with a real monster yanked directly from the 1980s and plunked into our tiny space. i stewed for a night and then sent a quick note to the landlord asking if, perchance, we might be able to make a trade for something less terribly ugly. well. last week, my prayers were answered when a brand new, sparkly clean white fan wended its way to our apartment and was generously installed by our super who managed to get only the finest sprinkling of plaster dust on every single surface in our apartment. we're so totally stoked that we're not even questioning the rationale behind installing a filthy ceiling fan onto a 12-foot ceiling before so much as giving it a quick wipe down. heh. needless to say we have some cleaning to do.

also: THIRTY tips. can you believe it? to honor the occasion, i'm going to start another little weekly column where i answer your questions about surviving life in your tiny apartment. not sure where to stash your growing laundry pile? totally flustered by a pint-sized shower? send in your question and we'll see if we can tackle it together. you don't even have to live in a tiny apartment to submit. ready?
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