my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that make my week.

1. this cuban oregano.cuban oregano
{because james brought home a clipping from the lab. so fuzzy. so fragrant}.

2. this cast iron skillet.
cast iron
{for heating up my buttery muffin every morning}.

3. this oatmeal soap.
oatmeal soap
{because new soap always makes my week and this one smells like baked goods. in a good way}.

4. these socks.
{for helping to ease me into the season when i need to wear them}.

5. {this library book}.
{because i've been meaning to read it, and because it was on the shelf}.

other things:
wish i had a screen door.
what do you hear?
this in indigo.
these black & whites.
these lights.
update: this, from lily. because i couldn't help myself.

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