my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. these bracelets.
{i've been wearing them together all week. and i like it that way}.

2. this ivy.
{my super pulled it down from the building. i pulled it out of the trash. you know what they say about treasures and trash}.

3. this dime.
{because, i found it sorting laundry this week. i know i already posted this gem to instagram, but frankly, i'm afraid you were all not as enthralled by a smushed FDR as i was. dime smushed on train tracks=awesome. just so we're clear}.

4. these keys.
{because even though i had to ride the subway all the way to 116th to retrieve them. i managed}.

5. these dilly beans.
{because yum. sorry to everyone i met face to face this week. garlic queen}.

other things:
the brooklyns that came before.
this is kind of brilliant.
these {twig} candles. thank you, christine.
my sister's selling this.
a pretty little sleep thing.

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