plum & nectarine crostata with tarragon.

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plum crostata uncooked with milk
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plum crostata cooked
it's my sincere hope that many of you are out and about and otherwise not glued to your computer screens today. that being said, in the case that you are here in blogland, here's a little bit of inspiration for being otherwise occupied. i made this crostata on saturday using plums and nectarines from the farmer's market. mixed together with tarragon from my windowsill and a bit of sugar, it came together to be the absolute best thing to munch on during a long weekend.

it should be known that for the most part, i'm a crostata skeptic. photographs of crostata (or galette, as they're often called) often look dry and bland to me. i'd be lying if i said i haven't tasted a fair few lack luster crostatas in my day, too. i assure you, this one is different. i used this recipe as inspiration. i added  two nectarines, substituted a few tablespoons of flour for the cornstarch,  traded tarragon for the thyme, and swapped the cream for whole milk just because we didn't have any cream in the house and i couldn't be bothered to trek back out. when the juices started to ooze onto the baking sheet mid-way through baking, i simply spooned them back on top. the result was moist and tart and full of flavor.

n.b. my older sister cait and i went through a stage of being fools for plum baby food. i think it must have started sometime around the time when my parents started feeding solid food to our twin sisters and it lasted straight on through elementary school. as a nine year old i proudly toted small glass jars of plum baby food in my lunch bag. i tell you this only because this crostata reminded me in all the best ways of said treat. this should be taken as a compliment of the highest order. 

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