neighborhood favorite: van horn sandwich shop.

If you've been hanging around these tea leaves for awhile, you might remember that when I first began writing in this space, I was living in Wilmington, North Carolina. If you've got a real mind for biographical details, you might also remember that James and I met while working in Georgia. All this to say that while neither of us are full-fledged Southeasterners, we have a sweet spot for that corner of the country. Van Horn Sandwich Shop on Court Street does a good job of giving us a little taste of what we're missing. On nights when I feel like I can't possibly lift a skillet to the stove, Van Horn's sweet PLT (sweet potato, lettuce & tomato) does the trick instead and I've ordered it more times than I could possibly count. Crunchy sweet potatoes and a big old smear of garlic aioli make it the perfect comfort food. Next time you find yourself in the neighborhood and hungry, this is your spot. Just make sure to wave if you see me sitting there with my sweet PLT.
Van Horn Sandwich Shop
231 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
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