make-believe: wedding guest.

i love being a wedding guest. heck, i think i might even like being a wedding guest more than i liked being a bride. in any case, james and i are gearing up for our first post-marriage wedding in late october. one my dearest friends from high school is getting married to another friend from high school and we're pretty excited to catch up with old buddies. still, yours truly will be giving a reading (yet to be decided) and i have to admit, i'm a little nervous. the last time i spoke in front of half these people i was campaigning for class president. heh. if this entire outfit didn't cost nearly the amount of a month's rent in this tiny place, i would totally rock it. magic potions and amulet especially. sometimes a girl just wants to look good. and sometimes she needs a little magic on her side. you dig?*

1. dress 2. amulet necklace 3. moon flower essence 4. non-toxic polish 5. clutch 6. notebook 7. booties 8. ombré tights

*update: james says this outfit is not "weddingy" enough. poll? and where on earth does one find weddingy enough outfits that don't make one feel like barbie princess?

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