home, anywhere.

fresh flowers, fresh linens
fresh flowers, fresh linens
For every bit of me that's itching to travel, to pack things up and head out for some grand new adventure, there's a part of me that really likes to be at home.

It's not that I have to be in my own home exactly, but I like to feel settled. If my things have a spot--even if it's just a corner to prop a book I'm reading--I feel comforted by extension. When I travel I like if it's to a place that I can ease into. I like to unpack my bag, rest my toothbrush on a shelf, hang my towel up to dry. Stay awhile.

This month, I wrote a piece for The Neighborhood about the first thing that I do when I move into a new place. The piece is really about settling into a new home, but I think the ideas work as well for places that are less permanent.

Here's the one thing (or two) that can make wherever I am feel a little bit more like home.
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