my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. my neighbors' wisteria vines.wisteria6298
{because they're totally unkempt, and totally beautiful}.

2. this little package.
{because delivering photos is much more fun when they're tricked out in business cards and washi tape}.

3. this tea.
vitality tea
{because if it's doing half as much for my brain function as it is for my taste buds, i'll be happy}.

4. these tiny bells.
lily of the valley
{because they're making my apartment smell so sweet. more over on gardenista}.

5. this book.
lean in
{because even though i'm only halfway through, and despite what criticism people might have, i think it's a must-read for any woman thinking about her career. blogger, executive, or otherwise}.

other things:
i want to do this with my 3 sisters.
grandmothers & food.
trimming the fat.

things by me in other places:
clean air!
make your fridge smell good.
lily of the valley.
woodland wonderland, inside.
mid-may posies.
first night in a new home.
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