make-believe: springtime wardrobe.

I'm a creature of habit. If you've been reading these tea leaves for awhile, you know this. I relish in creating rhythms and routines, but in general it doesn't take much for me to decide that something that I'm doing needs shaking up. When I went off to college, I took a few classes that touched on modern agriculture and I decided to change my food purchasing habits. I read an article (or four) about parabens and phthalates and I started paying closer attention to the stuff I put on my body. Watching this documentary was all I needed to convince me to curb my reliance on single-use plastics.  I worked on a sustainable farm and decided that eating animals--even ones that are happily raised--isn't something I want to do. Those Green Mountain Energy guys? All they had to do was look my way and I signed right up. Okay, you get it.

Coming around to slow fashion has been a harder pill to swallow. It's not for lack of interest or understanding, but where I've been able to absorb the additional costs of organic food and natural beauty products, buying into sustainable fashion has been more difficult. First there's sticker shock and then there's my perpetual desire to "get something new."

Sometimes it is hard to break habits. The clothes above are what I'd be wearing this spring if money wasn't an object. They aren't all made here in the United States, but from what I can gather they've been made thoughtfully, without overt exploitation of people or the environment. This year I'm hoping to finally go in for a few investment pieces; beautifully-made clothes that will last and last. I'm also taking a page out of the book of my French friends and not giving a damn if I wear the same pair of jeans every day of the week. Quality over quantity. Michelle has the right idea.

*There are a few links to stories on slow fashion in this post from last week. I'm still waiting on someone to return this book to the library.

PS. This just in.
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