secret: i'm terrible at drinking water.

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James calls me a camel, imagining that I must be hiding water in a secret cavity somewhere, because he so seldom sees me drinking any.

I know I should drink water more often, and I'm trying to get better at it (I even bought an adult sippy cup!), but here's the thing: I don't really like water. Is that a preposterous thing to admit? Let me explain. I have a hard time drinking water right from the tap. If it's not really cold, I can't drink it. But to make things complicated, I'm not a huge fan of ice cubes in my water, either. Too cold!

To make up for my fussiness, we filter tap water with a brita filter and keep two glass bottles filled in the fridge so that there's always a fresh supply of water.

You'd think I'd be satisfied.

But the truth is, I think water needs help in the flavor department. This summer, I'm making a vow to ramp up my water intake by amping up the flavor.

Over the weekend I experimented with two different herbal combinations that are perfect for the season. I combined lovage, lemonbalm, and lemon peel to make a water that's sharp and fresh, and strawberry, sweet woodruff, and stevia for a water that's just a little bit sweet. You can find the recipes over on Gardenista.

But now I need to know: are you guys big water drinkers? What's your secret?

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