< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Think seasonally.

I've already written about the usefulness of having at least a small bit of storage relegated to storing off-season clothes. Wrestling with an over-stuffed dresser drawer is nobody's idea of fun and making room in the drawers that you use every day can do wonders for your well-being and your nerves.

But beyond just remembering to swap out my clothes with the seasons, lately I've been finding it useful to think about how other aspects of my home shift along with the weather.

With the radiator turned off, I have a whole new surface to prop books or cups of iced tea without fear of scorching. When the windows are open, there are an extra few inches of window sill space for balancing a house plant (or face brush). Needing to cool things off with a fan means moving a lamp to a different corner.

While I'm not one to go in for wholesale redecorating every few months, it's refreshing to think about even small ways to change the way things look around here.

How do you change things in your home from season to season? Do you shift things around or swap things out? Different bedclothes? New plants? Swapped pillowcases? I'm curious!

PS. I'm seriously considering this trick for making this bathroom screen a little bit more...discrete.
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