my week in objects (mostly).

1. this khadi towel.khadi
{brought to me with love from india}.

2. this cuppow.
{because clearly i needed an adult sippy cup}.

3. this allium.
{for getting ready to pop}.

4. this salvia.
{and the other things, for making the view out of the bathroom window so very sweet}.

5. these keys.
{because there was a slight snafu this morning wherein james and i both left the house without keys. thank goodness for a friendly and trusting super}.

other things:
james surprised me with these. sadly, he doesn't understand the molly mcintire references i've been making all week.
i'm still tempted to do this.
i'm going to connecticut this weekend to raid my mom's rhubarb patch.
i'm admiring these v. sweet dresses.
read it in print.

things by me in other places:
marrying pots and plants.
seedlings and the aftermath.
purple sensation and friends.

And many, many thanks for all of your sweet notes about yesterday's little announcement. It's awfully nice to have such kind blog friends.
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