dumplings, prepared
I've written before about our weekly dinners with Cait and Curt. With the arrival of tiny Oliver, the ritual has become somewhat more unpredictable than it was this summer, but whether it's dinner on a Tuesday or dinner on a Sunday, we still find ourselves gathered around their table on a weekly basis. These days the only difference is that we pass a tiny burping being from one shoulder to the next as we enjoy our meal.  On Saturday, we made dumplings.
Curt did most of the work while the rest of us cooed at Oliver's ability to bob his head rhythmically and blink his eyelids.
dumplings, folded
Kale and mushrooms, garlic and ginger, sauteed and folded into dumpling wrappers.dumplings, pan fried
Pan fried until deep golden and crispy.
dumplings, cooked
Served with scallions and jalapenos and sauces for dipping. dumplings, served
The food's secondary to the company, which only serves to tell you how much we love this newly minted trio.
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