my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this white blanket.blanket
{because we're on a spending hiatus of epic proportions, but an all-cotton blanket made the cut}.

2. this basket.
{in a new spot that makes so much more sense}.

3. this plastic bucket.
{because it's the perfect thing for carrying our compost to the market. coffee grinds in freezer and ripping plastic bags, be gone}.

4. these egg shells.
egg shells
{for making such tasty salad}.

5. these dishes.
{for not being a total eyesore while they dried}.

other things:
quilts to drool over.
my favorite soup: made vegetarian!
so many awesomely mini things.
museum guards.
sucker for ephemera. also, i need one.
food for thought: here. here. here. and, finally, here.

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