my week in objects (mostly).

1. this bouquet.baby3102
{because every time i came back to my apartment this week, it smelled heavenly}.

2. this light bulb.
{because we really needed a new one, and we just happened to sit down in a café across from a lighting store. one minute to closing and it was ours}.

3. this chocolate.
{because i was desperate for something sweet and i found this stashed in the cabinet}.

4. this shampoo and conditioner.
{because the ugly labels peeled right off}.

5. this folder of miscellany.
{because it was another organization project conquered this week. post-its and stamps and checks, all in one spot}.

other things.
a new month calls for a little something new, no?
this gives perspective in more than one way.
this is haunting. especially considering the plastics above.
this looks incredible.
watching this over the weekend.
wishing for a weekend away. this in tow.
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