going (crazy) without air conditioning.

strawberry coconut popsicles
It's easy to write about going without air conditioning in May. In the weeks before Memorial Day, when the nights are still cool and the air is still moving, it's easy to imagine a summer spent singing into a fan and sucking on popsicles with nary a bead of sweat dripping from your brow. At the end of June, when the air in the tiny loft where you sleep is so thick that your husband flees and heads downstairs to wedge himself into the sliver of floor between the couch and dresser because that seems more appealing, you begin to question your sanity.
strawberry coconut popsicle
James and I don't have air conditioning. This is partially because thinking about the energy that we collectively consume from air conditioning sends me into a spiral of panic about the state of our planet, and partially because when you only have one real window, blocking it up with an air conditioner doesn't seem like a viable option.

The truth is, after last night's sleep, I'm ready for one of these.

Still, here are a few optimistic ideas for enduring a heat wave sans A/C. If you're already scoffing at my naiveté, perhaps you'll be interested in reading my recipe for strawberry coconut popsicles. Every heat wave needs a popsicle, air conditioning or no.

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