< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

This tip brought to you by last night's Brooklyn sunset.

As much as you're possibly able, take an after dinner walk.

It is always worth it. Every single time. It doesn't matter if you're feeling tired, or if it's blustery or raining or swelteringly hot. If you're not feeling up to it, all the more reason to strap on your sandals and head outside.

The ability to take an after dinner walk when it is still light out is a treat that only lasts a few weeks in this part of the world. Kind of like those strawberries.

In what might be the most cheeseball move of all time, I propose a hashtag. For the rest of the week, a little game to hold each other accountable to take post suppertime strolls. If you're up to it, add #afterdinnerwalk to your instagrams or tweets. I want to see what your worlds look like.
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