morning habits.

gooseneck loosestrife
gooseneck loosestrife
I'm working from home today. A decision brought on largely by my overwhelming desire to sit in front of a fan and lounge in a thin dress that's not entirely appropriate for polite company. I'm trading the perks of the office air conditioning for the perks of the at-home lounge. Two options that I realize aren't so very bad.

I've gotten somewhat out of my morning walk routine lately, and this morning the walk lasted only until I stepped outside of my building and realized that the gooseneck loosestrife I've been trying to keep from overtaking the front garden has finally bloomed and it's lovely. Distracted by flowers, perennially.  I gave myself permission to snip a few stems and bring them inside. Perks for being the unofficial gardener, I say. Still: I'm determined to get back into my typical morning routine, and soon.

In keeping with the theme of the week: how are all of you locals surviving in the heat? Tips and tricks welcomed, as always.

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