picking flowers.

It seems almost ridiculous to say it, but one of the things I miss about life outside the city is the flowers. If you follow me on instagram (and even around these tea leaves), this will surprise you. You might very well wish that I stumbled upon fewer flowers.

But it's not the market flowers that I miss, they're better here. And it's not the garden flowers, there are plenty of city gardens to rival their country cousins.

I miss the picking flowers. The flowers that you can see growing one minute and have in your hand the next. The kind that you don't have to count your pennies to buy, or figure out a complicated way to cart home. The trip home with this kind of flowers is quick, in just a few pads of your bare feet across the backyard you've arrived.

While I was visiting my parents last weekend, I took full advantage of my favorite kind of flower and made this unruly little bouquet for Gardenista. Lots more details over there.

PS. I recently stumbled upon this old post: me in a patch of sweet william, about a million years ago.
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