my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this basil.
{because i finally stopped overwatering it and now it's doing just fine}.

2. these corduroy cutoffs.
{because i really needed them last weekend. also, because they remind me of my dad, circa 1987}.

3. this bathing suit.
bathing suit
{because a year later a bathing suit bought at the end of the season is sort of like a bathing suit bought at the beginning of the season, minus the rigmarole}.

4. this new work computer.
computer bag
{for fitting perfectly in my trusty satchel}.

5. this no-longer-there popsicle.
{because it's strawberry season}.

other things:
i'd like to make this.
these are jaw-dropping.
greyhounds are everywhere lately.
this is sweet.

other things by me in other places:
meadow muddling.
french market totes.
my favorite planter.
a bouquet sans fleurs.
balcony lust.
strawberries are here! ceramic berry baskets.

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